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Dow Tennis Classic

Answers To Your Questions About The Dow Tennis Classic

Q. May I talk to the players?

A. Sure! About ten languages are spoken. However, the majority of these international athletes speak English. They enjoy talking with fans and we encourage it.  Do not try to explain the Tridge.

Q. If I make a last minute decision to attend, will there be seats?

A. Day matches are no problem. Evening matches, please come early for Club and General Admission seating, all of it up close to the action. And “verrrry exciting." 

Q. Are all the matches played in the front of The House?

A. Yes. The back courts are used by members and pro players for practicing. If you’re playing next to pros practicing, don’t look or you will feel very sad.

Q.  I’d like to host a player, how can I do that?

A. Thank you for joining our famous “Home Away From Home Hospitality.” Players and coaches rave about Midland hosts who make them part of the family. Contact our Housing Coordinator, Karen Skorup, at for arrangements.

Q. I want to do something special for my employees. Is a night of professional tennis a good idea?

A. Expect a bunch of thank you notes or emails from employees who enjoyed a wonderful night of professional tennis and big event excitement—thanks to you.

Q. My business brand could use a boost before 15,000 fan/consumers and other businesses, many of them important suppliers to the big corporations. Where can I obtain information about sponsorships?

A. Please contact Sharon Cleland, Tournament Director at (989-631-6151,

Q. What’s the “Vibe” of the event?

A. Stop and listen. That buzz you hear is the sound of the season’s top sports/entertainment event livin’ large, and You Are There!  

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